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Tax Resolution & Defense – IRS & State

About Credit Masters

We have partnered up with one of the nation’s fastest growing 100% Tax Attorney staffed full service tax defense companies.  We recognize your need for help when facing the IRS or State Taxing Authority and Our program has been developed to get your problem fixed at an affordable price.  Our unique 3 step approach lets tax attorneys begin work immediately to prevent wage garnishments, bank levies, property seizures and in some cases, obtain settlements on your overall tax debt.

3 – Step Plan to resolve your tax liability and bring you back into good standing with the IRS or State Taxing Authority.

Step One

Tax Inspection and Analysis

Every tax situation is different and unique.  Before we tell you how we plan on satisfying your tax liability, we have to first understand how it got started.  Attorneys will perform and in-depth inspection of your tax situation and finances before we tell you how they can resolve it.  Makes sense? Does a car mechanic tell you how much it’s going to cost you to fix your car without looking under the hood? No! Don’t let other tax defense companies tell you how they can fix your problem without first understanding what’s wrong.

Step Two

Custom Tailored Resolution Plan

Since most everybody’s tax situation is different, Tax Attorneys will prepare a custom Resolution Plan based off of the Tax Inspection and Analysis to show you:

1) How the tax debt got started.

2) How this Resolution Plan will satisfy your outstanding tax liability.

3) How sticking to the plan will bring you back into good standing with the IRS.

4) Help you avoid running into any future problems again.

Step Three

Proposing the Resolution Plan to the IRS or State for acceptance

Our Tax Attorneys will prepare the proposal and negotiate the terms of the Resolution Plan based on the Tax Inspection & Analysis results to be accepted by the IRS or state.  This team of seasoned Tax Attorneys has the experience, tax law knowledge and a thorough understanding of State and IRS guidelines and codes to obtain the Resolution on your behalf.

Our Tax Attorneys will handle and take over all communications between you and the IRS or State once you have signed a Power of Attorney


Common Tax Problems and Solutions

Offer In Compromise (OIC)

If you cannot afford to pay the amount you owe in full, you may qualify for an OIC. An Offer in Compromise(OIC) is an agreement between an individual taxpayer and the IRS that settles the debt for less than what is owed.  This program is reserved for taxpayers that do not have the ability to pay the debt back now, in the future or ever.  This program is the most difficult to qualify for.

Non-Collectible Status (NCS)

Considered a Hardship status.  When placed in this status, it provides temporary relief from enforced collection action (Wage Garnishments, Bank Levy’s, Property and Vehicle Seizures, etc.)  A full financial disclosure will be prepared to show the IRS you currently do not have the ability to pay anything.  Some taxpayers can remain in this status till the debt expires, as long as all future tax returns continue to be filed on time and there is no change in income.

Installment Agreement (IA)

An  Installment Agreement (IA) is a monthly payment plan with the IRS to pay back some or all of what is owed.  There are a few different types of monthly payment plans.  Only after we exhaust all of the other options, would we have to enter into a monthly payment plan.  Typically, Installment Agreements are reserved for taxpayers that can afford to be making a monthly payment.

Penalty Abatements (PA)

We can and will explore the possibility of a reduction or removal of penalties and interest on those penalties.  Interest itself is not abatable.  A taxpayer needs to show Reasonable Cause as to why the penalties were incurred and Due Diligence, making an active effort to resolve their outstanding tax liability

Tax Preparation

Tax Returns go hand in hand with IRS Resolutions.  Therefore, Our Attorneys’ have a staff of Certified Public Accountant’s (CPA) that are designated for tax preparation only, they will not be involved in any conversations with the IRS and you, that is specifically and only handled by our Tax Attorneys.

Audit Representation

If you are currently being audited or have been notified you will be audited by the IRS or State, it is highly encouraged you have professional representation.  Our Tax Attorneys will prepare all of your documentation and  represent you every step of the way including at the examination.