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Credit Masters financial services include comprehensive Loan Document Examinations, recognized for its expertise by many attorneys, banks and industry experts.  Our focus is providing the client a completely unbiased review of the documents, disclosing defects and fraud, whether it be by the borrower, lender, broker, or any other entity.  Each exam will also review other issues, as applicable.  These include Servicing of the Loan, Securitization, and the Foreclosure Process.

Credit Masters is first and foremost an “Attorney Services” firm. Law Firms and Banks contract with us to examine loan documents, whether the client is a bank, investor, or on occasion, a homeowner.

Banks, Insurance Companies and the Investment community are among the industries that also utilize our unique services. We can assist by providing the proper documentation in efforts to force other banks and mortgage bankers to “buy-back” bad loans that the original lender made, and then were bought by other banks or investors. We can also provide defenses against “buy-back demands” in many cases.

Case law is evolving daily,often reversing earlier decisions.  States are passing new legislation that impacts the Foreclosure and Modification process.  The Office of the Comptroller of Currency (OCC) has recently issued a Consent Decree impacting 14 Lenders and Services and their Foreclosure and Modification processes.

Since the rules and law are constantly changing it is imperative for attorneys properly assess current rulings prior to accepting file or engaging in litigation, only later to find out in court that there are flaws in his arguments. Our “Litigation Support Services” include legal strategies, complaint analysis and document review.

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